Real Estate Prices Increase Due to the Existence of Metro Lines

Studies conducted by real estate and transport experts show that there is a great demand for areas with underground parking... Read more

New Offers of Real Estate Projects in Turkey

Turkish real estate companies and construction companies are now preparing to launch a package of offers to facilitate real estate ownership for individuals and investors alike.. Read more

The Ovet Tunnel Enters into Operation at the End of this Year

Turkey is preparing to open a new and secure tunnel, which is supposed to be ready by the end of this year... Read more

The Most Selling Months of Real Estate in Turkey

It is clear that the spring months are one of the most popular months in which real estate is sold and bought in Turkey.. Read more

The Mega Projects’ Budget in Turkey Exceeds the National Income of 130 Countries

these projects have Turkey managed to exceed the national revenues of countries such as Bulgaria, Libya, Uruguay, Slovenia and many other countries.... Read more

Foreigners' Ownership of Turkish Real Estate in July

Based on the results obtained by the Turkish Statistical Institute for the month of July, the city of Istanbul, as always has topped the list of Turkish cities most owned by foreigners... Read more

Turkey is the First in the Field of Air Navigation in the European Continent

Minister of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Ahmed Arslan, said that Turkey ranked the first in the European continent in July in terms of air traffic movements... Read more

Turkey's Economy Ranks the First in 2030

Turkey will make progress with its economy, ranking 12th and leaving behind many European countries, according to the PWC Research, which includes the ranking of global economies in 2030... Read more

Officially Turkish Citizenship Will Be Granted for Foreign Investors

Turkish government announced that Turkish citizenship will be granted for foreigners who own properties worth $1 million, or for those who has invested $2 millions ... Read more

Buy a property and get a turkish citizenship

At the meeting between Turkish minister of economic Nehad Zibaki and foreign investors at Istanbul, Mr. Nehad has published that Turkey is Read more

Giant projects awaiting for Antalya

Within the activities of Sister Cities Program, which is held in the city of Antalya, Mr. Menderes Turel, the Mayor of the Municipality of Antalya met his counterpart Mr. Ulrich Mali >> Read more

Value-added tax (VAT) reduction from 18% to 8% in Turkey

Ms. Oya Zingal, the executive director of Murabaha Real Estate Solutions, Turkey Branch; one of the largest Gulf companies active in the Turkish real estate sector >> Read more

Turkey’s Economy Is Expected to Grow by 2.8% in 2017

Turkey's economy is expected to grow by 2.8% during the current year 2017... Read more

Rising in the Real Estate Prices by %9 in Turkey Last Year

The outcomes of the study conducted by (REIDIN) a company that examines the emerging markets showed that real estate prices in Turkey has risen by %9 during the last year 2016... Read more