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Turkish Wind Energy Association chairman "Mustafa Ataseven" announced that the total installed capacity of the wind energy in Turkey for the year 2016 reached 5,500 megawatts, surpassing the total capacity in 2007 to 37 twice, as it was 146 MW before.

According to the Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB) the wind power accounts for about 6.5% of the energy produced in Turkey.

127 company works in the field of wind energy, and the coverage of the stations is about 37.49% in the Aegean, while Marmara’s coverage is approximately 37.33% of the stations.

In this regard, " Ataseven " explained that the wind energy sector attracted investments worth of $10 billion over the last ten years, while the volume of investments in Turkey reached $1.5 billion in 2016.

It is worthy to say that Turkey occupies the fifth place in Europe, and the tenth in the world in this field.