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Angela Merkel, the German Prime Minister, spoke about the tension between Turkey and Europe which has recently risen as a result of the decision taken by the European Parliament against Turkey, expressing her fears of cancelling the Refugee Convention.

According to the news, quoted by Hurriyet Newspaper for the Turkish news, after the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had threatened to open the borders to the refugees, Merkel expressed the fears of Europe, saying: "I think the Refugee Convention, which is between us and Turkey, is in the interest of both sides, so when we keep our promises, Turkey must also be in the same credibility."

"I do not have an alternative plan."

Merkel responded to a question about whether there is an alternative plan in the event of Turkey withdrawals from the agreement or not, saying: "I do not have an alternative plan, and this is difficult, but we are working to keep the current plan."

Under the agreement signed in March 18, 2015, the refugees are returned to Turkey for granting visa-free travel to Turkish citizens.