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The Best-Selling Cities of Real Estate in Turkey - Invest Turkey

The real estate index of 2017 indicates that the sale of real estate per square meter has increased by 14 percent in the city of Istanbul, and the price of one meter to approximately 4 thousand and 444 Turkish liras, while at the same time a decrease in the proportion of the rental allowance by 7 percent per one square to 21 Turkish pounds, and the city of Bursa ranked first in terms of the number of homes sold by up to 20 percent.

Studies conducted in Istanbul indicate that the Ghazi Osman Pasha district in the European section of Istanbul has occupied the first place in terms of the number of apartments sold, with many of the luxury residential complexes in the region, making it a great attraction for local and foreign investors. On the other hand, and it was found that the rent has not seen a significant increase in this region, as is the case in other cities and regions of Turkey.

The Bakırköy region in the European section of Istanbul also saw a rise in prices due to the investments made in the field of transportation, starting with the ship voyages and the Marmaray line connecting the continents of Asia and Europe from under the sea. The huge park being built in the region played a big role in attracting investors to this region.

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