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The Central Bank of Turkey announced the real estate price index for February 2017.

The central bank found that the real estate price index has risen by 1.30 percent compared to last month, reaching 198.81 points, according to a report in the context.

The report also indicated that there was an increase in the Turkish real estate price index in the major Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir in February 2017 according to the following percentages respectively (1.23), (0.70) and (1.44) %, and it was found in the same way that the index has increased compared with the same month from last year also respectively by (11.46), (9.47) and (16.18) %.

The price per square meter in the real estate in the three major cities has also increased in the same way. The price per square meter in the city of Istanbul amounted to 3 thousand and 647.11 Turkish liras, in the capital Ankara to 1000 and 613.29 Turkish liras, and in Izmir to two thousand and 318. 25 Turkish liras.