Imtilak Properties

After holding the Fourth Exhibition for Real Estate in Istanbul in 2016, and during clearing things up in the real estate sector, the seniors in the sector rejoiced increasing the investment and improving the real estate market during the dollar's rise at this point of time in 2016.

After the clarifications of the representatives of the sector stating the houses prices were not affected, they added that they expect a large turnout of foreign investors (the Arabs) taking advantage of the dollar's rise and buy many properties with less dollars.

Nazmi Durbakayım, the Chairman of (İnşaatçılar Derneği) (İNDER) /Contractors' Union in Istanbul, added "The turnout of the foreign investors has increased reflecting also turnout at the sales desks."

Mr. Durbakayım clarified that the real estate market is going on in the best way and you cannot compare the current situation to what it was eight or nine years ago, and there is no possibility of rising properties prices affected by the exchange rates.

A golden opportunity for the Arab investors

It is the same case for their counterpart in the Asian side, Mr. Melih Türkoğlu expressed as he said that "the foreign investors who are investing here in this period will gain a big profit in every property they buy or invest."

He pointed out that "the real estate sector must focus strongly on the foreign investors serving them and caring about them."

"Thus, the real estate investment in our country and sales activity will increase, and on the other hand because of the intervention of the banking sector, we will provide entering and flowing funds to our country."