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Turkey occupies an advanced position in the field of UAVs manufacturing. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle), commonly known as drones, place Turkey today among the top five countries in the manufacture field of this type of aircraft that became one of the most important modern means of fighting during wars in the recent period.

According to the statement of Mr. Farouk Oozlo, the Minister of Science and Industry and the Turkish technology, the Turkish government started developing armed drones, and the current focus is on developing this type of aircraft, adding that the work is going on to develop "Anka Aircraft" supposed to be linked with the Turkish satellite " TURKSAT ", and to be remote-controlled up there.

Mr. Oozlo also stressed that the goal is to make drones capable to carry 3.5-4 tons of weapons. They will be equipped with the latest camera technologies, adding that Turkey has made great strides in the field of planning and making drones, and that there are some private companies undertaking the task of small and tactical drones manufacturing.

Farouk Oozlo concluded saying: "Turkey now is working on arming the drones that were manufactured by exploratory and tactical missions, and so far Turkey has achieved a great success in that regard.