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Gulf businessmen delegation visited the Medical Turkish city of Mersin, which was opened by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim in the third of February.

Mersin hospitals Association has mentioned in statement that the delegation consists of forty people from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Oman.

According the association, the delegation's visit to the hospital was at the invitation of Turkish Minister of Development Lutfi Elvan.

The medical complex director Recep Aydin has participated in the reception of the Gulf delegation, and he organized a tour inside the hospital and shared with the audience information about the hospital and its departments.

He also pointed, that the hospital has the best advanced medical devices, which is the largest in terms of area in Europe

The hospital’s manager declared that the Medical City is ready to provide all the medical services for citizens coming from the Arab country.