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The Turkish Real Estate Investment Partnership Association conducted studies on apartments sold in Turkey. The study found that the demand for 1 + 1 apartments (room and lounge) is now little and that investors are currently going to apartments of type 2 + 1 (two rooms and lounge).

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Turkish real estate investment association Aziz Tauran said that the investor who is wishing to own usually prefers to buy property by borrowing short-term loans, where the latest statistics indicate that the preference for loans extended over a period of ten years more than twenty years, Where the investor prefers to complete the payment of loans and disposal as soon as possible.

He stressed the importance to reduce the interest on bank loans withdrawn for real estate investment and said that these rates should be reduced to under %1 in addition to reducing the period to less than 10 years to encourage investors to own property through real estate loans.

He added that there is currently a trend by both real estate investors and individual buyers alike to buy 2 + 1 apartments more than 1 + 1.