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Turkish tea exportations to the Gulf countries rose by 31% in terms of value and 25% in terms of volume, over the last six years that is according to the Anadolu agency quoted from Turkish Exporters' Union for the eastern Turkish Black Sea.

Iraq came at the forefront of the most importers of Turkish tea in the Arab countries over the last year with 532.000 kilograms, while Saudi Arabia came in the second place of about 86 thousand and 385 kilograms, while the UAE came third, then Kuwait, followed by Qatar in fifth place.

According to the data released by the Federation of exporters in the eastern Black Sea, the Turkish tea exports have increased during 2016 by %11.4 compared to 2015, where the total tea exports in 2016 reached about 6.668.820 kg, valued at more than 28 Million dollars.

In this context, the Administrative board chairman in the Union of exporters in the eastern Black Sea, "Ahmed Gordogan" reported that tea is the most important Turkish agricultural products, which contribute significantly in the Turkish economy.

He also pointed out that the increasing number of tourists coming to the eastern Black Sea region in the recent years, contributed of rising the Turkish tea sales.

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