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The Director General of the Land Registry reported that the total real estate sales in Turkey during 2016 reached about a million and 149 thousand and 122 apartments.

Explaining that, during 2016, Istanbul was the number one between the Turkish cities in regards of selling real estates with 206 thousand and 430 sold apartments, followed by Ankara, the capital, with 124 thousand and 291 sold apartments, then Izmir with 71 thousand and 805 sold apartments, while both Tunceli, Bayburt, and Adana were described as the less-selling cities in the regard of real estate selling.

The source added that during the same period 401 thousand and 770 lands were sold; and again Istanbul has the lion's share with 49 thousand and 88 lands been sold, followed by Ankara, the capital, with 29 thousand and 515 sold lands, then Antalya with 18 thousand and 321 sold lands, then Konya with 17 thousand and 29 sold lands, and Izmir with 16 thousand and 170 sold lands.

Bayburt (with 544 lands), Hakkari (with 536 lands), and Rize (with 369 lands) were the less-selling cities in the regard of lands selling.

And as reported by the correspondent of the Anadolu Agency reported, according to the information gathered from the Land Registry, 6 million and 701 thousand and 642 land registry process (instrument ownership) were done through 2016.

Statistics indicate that the financial returns of the processes of buying and selling reached up to 714 billion, 475 million, 57 thousand, and 976 Turkish liras.