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Opening of Real Estate Investment in Turkey For Investors

Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Farouk Ozlu told reporters about the latest developments in real estate investment in Turkey, saying investments will increase significantly in the coming future.

The minister said that the government is working hard to bring new investments to Turkey by contributing further to its development and progress. He added that the government is working in parallel to preserve environmental wealth while making large investments. He said the government is taking strict measures to preserve the forest and environmental wealth.

He also pointed out that Turkey entered a new phase after the last popular referendum which was held on April 16, and that it will implement many measures to accelerate the development in the new phase.

He added that the government has passed three new laws of the People's Assembly to stimulate new investments in the country, in addition to the amendments and new laws which are currently being considered by the Legislative Committee in the People's Assembly on the proposals of the Justice and Development Party.

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