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After the end of the Turkish referendum on the constitutional amendments in Turkey, a new atmosphere for the investors to enter new investments, including investment in real estate has prevailed, because of the stability that prevailed in the markets after the end of the referendum by approving the new amendments.

The decline in the foreign exchange rate played an important role in attracting investors to invest in Turkish lira, which has rising significantly in the last few days.

The real estate sector is one of the most important factors on which the Turkish economy is based. The sector witnessed unprecedented activity in the last period after the end of the referendum and the stability in local markets.

Experts indicated that this result will play a major role in stimulating the real estate sector in the country in the coming period.

"This positive atmosphere will continue and positively affect the local and foreign investors in this sector," said Yasin Tatalidil, a real estate expert at the Agency Real Estate Group.

He said that the steps taken by the government in the second part of 2016 had a positive impact on the revitalization of the real estate sector in the country. The incentives provided to both the foreign investor and the expatriates were an important factor for these segments to enter the markets, owning more, as well as facilitations of ownership by increasing easy payment methods, tax cuts and many other benefits.