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Turkey's exports volume of gold bullions for more than 800 tons reached $ 35 billion, over the last five years.

According to what the Turkish Statistical Institution data showed, Turkey's exports volume of gold bullions amounted during 2012, about 252.4 tons, with revenues of $ 13.3 billion, while the amount in 2013 about 73.9 tons, compared to $ 3.3 billion, and in 2014 amounted 77.8 tons.

Gold bullions exports have risen in 2015 to reach 192.4 tons, compared to $ 7.4 billion, and continued to rise last year 2016, to reach 205.8 tons, compared to $ 8.2 billion as the institution has reported.

Britain comes the first of the most gold importers from Turkey, followed by Switzerland, then thirdly the United Arab Emirates over the last year.