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(GSM) network operators in Turkey expressed confidence in the country's economy, and determined to continue investment in Turkey for the year 2017.

"Paul Doany" CEO of "Turk Telekom" indicated that during the year 2016 Turkey has strengthened the sense of unity and national solidarity, and has made many steps toward development in many fields.

He considered Turkey’s shift to 4.5G technology as the most significant evolution in the telecommunications sector over last year, and he pointed out that the IT and communication play a crucial role in the Turkish economy and the Turkey's vision for the year 2023 is to support this evolution.

According to "Doany" "Turk Telekom" plans to invest $10 billion over the next three years in Turkey.

In the same context, Vodafone’s CEO" Colman Deegan" stressed that Vodafone in Turkey is preparing for 5G technology that is supposed to be much faster than the 4.5G, also he pointed out that Vodafone will continue its investments in Turkey for 2017 in the same will and determination.