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Qatari capital "Doha" witnessed on Wednesday the opening of a permanent Turkish Furniture exhibition in a presence of commercial attache at the Turkish Embassy in Doha, "Burak Burkha", and vice chairman of Qatar Chamber "Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Kowari."

The exhibition, which is supervised by the Qatari company, "Brand Center" includes many Turkish famous brands, and extends over a large area.

In this context, "Raed al-Farhan," exhibition director praised the quality of the Turkish goods, he said to the Anadolu agency: "The Turkish goods are characterized by their quality, in addition to the appropriate prices, compared with European goods, so we were the first initiators to establish the Turkish furniture exhibition in Qatar, after we have seen its popularity, its positive reputation."

The Turkish domestic furniture exports amounted about two billion and 656 million dollars in 2016, while Turkey aims to raise it to 3 billion dollars during the year 2017.

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