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Three Million Arab Tourists In Turkey - Property Turkey for Sale

The great cooperation between Turkey and the Arab countries has led to an increase in Arab investments in the Turkish markets, in addition to the arrival of Arab tourists in many Turkish cities.

In a speech, the head of the Arab Organization for Tourism, "Bandar bin Fahad Al Fahid," who visited Turkey for several meetings, said that the number of Arab tourists who came to Turkey last year was more than 3 million tourists.

He confirmed in a statement made during a series of meetings held in the Turkish state of Edirne that the cooperation between the Arab countries and Turkey has started to take its effect in the field of tourism.

"We aim to reach the highest possible level of tourism cooperation between the Arab countries and Turkey. We hope that Turkey will become a destination for Arab tourists and that the Arab countries will become a destination for Turkish tourists. As of 2016, the number of Arab tourists to Turkey will reach three million tourists, "He said.

Al Fahid pointed out that Arab tourists prefer maritime and historical tourism in Turkey, pointing out that the number of tourists may increase more during the summer season.

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