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Creating Three Smart Cities in Turkey by 2023-turkey real estate

In the context of realizing the objectives of 2023 vision, the Turkish government aims to transform Turkey into a modern and advanced country, by transforming three Turkish cities into smart cities.

The concept of Smart Cities is not only a description of a place that benefits greatly from the use of information technology and is limited to smart phones, smart cards, telecommunications, smart homes or anything smart. But it would be more correct to consider any electronic means to improve urban life as a smart city initiative, it is also true that modern communications and information technology contribute to a better urban performance.

Turkey is currently working on several plans to raise the GPD to $ 2 trillion by 2023, by the centennial of the republic.

"Turkey has been working on the project for three years and has prepared a set of researches in this matter," Ardam Akcil, chairman of the Public-Sector Technology Forum, said in a statement.

He added that by 2023 Turkey will have three smart cities, Sakarya, Kayseri and Gaziantep.

Smart applications to be applied in this context will span many areas and sectors, vital sectors such as traffic, sustainable energy, health, security, sustainable environment and many other areas.

He added that Turkey's population will exceed 90 million by 2030, making the transition from smart applications to smarter and more sustainable ones, which is inevitable.

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