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Top 10 Turkish Cities for Foreign Investors in Real Estate Turkey
The Turkish Real Estate Association issued a report on the sale of real estate to foreign investors in Turkey through organizing a list of ten cities in Turkey, where the city of Adana Turkish ranked first in April in terms of areas sold.

The report pointed out that real estate markets saw a rise of 2.7 percent, with the sale of 1,624 apartments for foreigners, and in this context, was announced the most 10 cities in Turkey that were selling apartments and properties for foreigners.

The city of Adana ranked first in terms of area, with 303,778 square meters of apartments and real estate sold in the city. The city of Trabzon in the Black Sea region came second with 39.328 square meters.

Istanbul, Turkey's commercial capital, is the biggest attraction for foreign investors in terms of property ownership in terms of the number of apartments, floors and various types of properties sold.

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