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Ataturk International Airport management announced that the number of flights took off the airport, during the Eid holiday, amounted up to 13 thousand and 277 flights; rating one flight every 65 seconds. More than 4 thousand and 126 domestic flights were recorded, while the international flights were 9 thousand and 151.

Republic of Northern Cyprus came at the forefront of international destinations with 234 flights during the holiday of Eid, followed by the Iranian capital, Tehran, with 226 flights, and then the French capital came by 186 flights.

On the other hand, Izmir came at the first place in the domestic flights at a rate of 572 flights, followed by Antalya with 508 flights, then the capital, Ankara, came with 377 flights.

The domestic flights have increased across Turkey after the Turkish government's decision to include Friday in the Eid holiday so that Friday would be the fifth day of Eid al-Adha, making the holiday of the Eid extends to nine days, including the public holidays, and that was a smart gesture that increased the domestic tourism.