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Turkey Is First in the Real Estate Turkey Sector Globally
Recent studies indicate that the real estate sector in Turkey has gained added value in the last six years. This increase has led to Turkey being ranked the first globally in the real estate Turkey sector. Turkish real estate markets witnessed an increase of 10.2% in 2011 and ranked the third in the world. This ratio to 11.7 percent in 2012, which enabled Turkey to take first place.

In 2013, Ireland was ranked the first, but the real estate demand in Turkey nevertheless rose to about 14.5 percent, an increase more than in the past two years.

Turkey reached the top position again in 2015 and reached the first place with 18.4 percent and maintained its stability in 2016, thus enabling it to take the lead for the longest period in the last 6 years globally.

This has led to increased foreign investors’ interest in investment in various fields in general and in the real estate field in particular, which led to an increasing the demand for real estate in Turkey, where the country is witnessing real estate investments of about $ 4 billion annually and the total number of apartments and properties sold in Country to about 1.5 million.

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