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New Flights to Arab Countries - Invest Turkey - Invest Istanbul

The Turkish Airlines is the largest company in the world in terms of the countries that fly the planes of this company in most of the world, and the Turkish Airlines intends to launch several direct flights between the Arab countries and Turkey to meet the growing needs.

In turn, Turkish Airlines confirmed that it will launch new flights to a number of Arab countries in the context of strengthening Arab-Turkish relations.

There are many Turkish tourist cities, from which will be launched direct flights like: Antalya, Bodrum and Trabzon, in order to save time and money for Arab tourists wishing to spend their holidays in Turkey, the Algeria-Antalya line is one of the direct flights. There will be three flights a week, To the Riyadh-Antalya line and there will be one trip per week, starting 20 June 2017.

In addition to starting direct flights from the Jordanian capital Amman to Antalya from June 14 in the form of two flights a week, in addition to flights from Baghdad, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah to Antalya, where there be will be two flights weekly.

Finally, these flights will travel from different Arab countries to the tourist cities of Turkey until the twelfth of next September.

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