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A Statements from officials in the Turkish Contractors Union showed that Turkish companies has accomplished thousands of projects around the world in several areas, such as public housing, shopping centers, hospitals, tourist facilities, and sports.

According to what the Turkish Contractors Union reported, the Turkish companies has established about 650 shopping centers outside of Turkey, and more than eight thousand and 830 projects in 113 countries around the world, since 1972, with a value of $ 335 billion.

 The Turkish construction companies have formed about %35 of the total global construction market, and that is also according to the unions’ officials.

Turkey has previously occupied the second place in the list of classifications "The top 250 construction companies in the world" that was prepared by the Bulletin of the World Engineers, where the number of Turkish construction companies rose from 38 companies in 2012 and to 42 companies in 2014.

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