Imtilak Properties

Numan Kurtulmuş, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and the official spokesman for the government, said that the study project of granting the Turkish citizenship to the foreign investors (including Arabs) is nearing completion.

This came in a press declaration during the Council of Ministers meeting headed by Benali Yıldırımin, the Prime Minister, in Çankaya Palace in Ankara, the capital, where he noted that they have defined the guidelines of the project and they are still working on checking the details.

Kurtulmuş added that the Council of Ministers meeting, that was held on Monday 14.11.2016, discussed the project which will include the foreign investors who are investing in fixed capital, in addition to those who own properties above a number to be defined and that properties are registered in the Land Registry and are not planned to be sold in three years.

The spokesman said: "The project also includes the foreigners who hire a certain number of people in the workplaces and companies they founded, and the foreign investors who do not withdraw a certain amount of money deposited in the banks before three years."

He added that the foreigners who deposit money in the state's investment fields can take advantage of granting citizenship project on condition that they do not withdraw the money before a defined specified period.