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Board member in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait and the member of the Turkish Kuwaiti Joint Committee "Khaled Mishari Al-Khaled " said that economic relations and cooperation between Turkey and Kuwait have expanded significantly to affect all sectors including investment, real estate and even commercial and industrial Despite its emergence in some sectors.

Al-Khaled explained that the Kuwaiti-Turkish relations have developed rapidly over the last 15 years with the desire of officials in both countries to develop these relations to an unprecedented level.

He pointed also to the special relationship between the two countries culminated in the high investment volume during the last 15 years, he explained that the volume of the former investment was between 200 and 300 million US dollars while in the meantime it overruns 8 million dollars.

With regard to the trade partnership between Turkey and Kuwait, vice prime minister said the Turkish responsible of economic affairs, "Mehmet Şimşek" said that the trade partnership between Turkey and Kuwait, economic relationship between the two countries and the number of Kuwaiti tourists in Turkey is things that reassure satisfaction, which promotes the investment in Turkey.

Şimşek expressed that Turkey is looking to strengthen its economic relations with Kuwait in its two dimensions, investment and trade. He added that the scheduled official visit of the Kuwait prince "Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah" to Turkey during the period from 20 to March 22 / March is a step comes in the framework of the strong ties of friendship and the growing cooperation between the two countries in all fields.