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Turkish Minister of Trade and Customs "Bülent TÜFENKCİ" in statement to the newspaper Yeni Akit, said that once the constitutional proposal was ratified by the Parliamen, the Turkish economy has witnessed a remarkable improvement, pointing that the circumstances will become better in case everything will be implemented according to the new constitution.

In replying to a question; what would happen if the voting came yes? "Once the proposal passed to the parliament you should notice that the foreign exchange rates began to fall, also export and import begun to rise, as well as the confidence’s index of the economy witnessed a big leap, all of this happened once the proposed constitutional amendment which included the replacement of the parliamentary with presidency was passed.

"In case the referendum results came out with Yes, the alliance time will end, and the decisions will be implemented very quickly, and this situation will fit young wage earners, farmers and others from different classes of people", the minister continued.