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The head of the World Tourism Forum "Bulut Bağcı" expressed his confidence of the upcoming changes in the quality of the tourism sector in Turkey during the next year 2018, also he added that this sector serves as the oil resources.

Bağcı has said to the Anadolu agency that the tourism sector in Turkey, is no less important than oil in the Gulf states, or gas in the Russian economy, stressing that tourism revenues contribute significantly to support the Turkish economy effectively.

Furthermore, Bağcı reported that the Turkish city Istanbul will witness activities related to the World Tourism Forum during between 16 – 18 February, pointing to the importance of these events in promoting areas of tourism in Turkey, where the forum will be attended by many dignitaries, including 20 ministers of tourism from different countries.

The tourism sector revenues in Turkey amounted about $ 22 billion in 2016, according to the Turkish Statistical Institution data.