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The spokesman of the AK Party in Turkey "Yasin Aktay" revealed that his government is considering at the moment to decrease the volume of foreign investment required to get Turkish citizenship, from million dollars to 300 thousand dollars, stressing that this procedure will be announced soon.

This came during an interview in the program "with Zoba," On "Mekameleen" channel.

Aktay saw that the recent crisis has caused a rise of the extreme right in Europe, pointing out that this rise will cause the failure for the European Union and the disintegration according to what he said.

"Turkey is still nominating herself for the European Union, but Turkey is concerned about what is happening now, and Ankara’s need for the European Union in the past has been one-sided, but it is differed now, Union is also needs us and we need it.

He added: "If we had a sustenance in the European Union no one will not prevent it from us, and if was not for us we will not get anything even if we made concessions, and we continue to maintain our principles and stand with dignity, even if they closed it in our face, god would open for us ten doors."

He continued: "The renaissance of Turkey and advancement is part of the current crisis, especially as we are now building the largest airport in the world," adding that it " Turkey has a sufficient experience of managing the Turkish economy, and therefore we have introduced a package of facilities to attract and encourage investment in Turkey from abroad ".