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Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman announced on Wednesday his country's intention to raise the volume of trade with Turkey to $ 20 billion.

Groysman explained that the trade exchange between the two countries has reached nearly 3 billion and $ 150 million, and added: "We want to increase of this volume to 20 billion"

Groysman expressed the possibility of his country's cooperation with Turkey on a larger scale including agriculture, energy, major industries such as aircraft, and various other areas.

He added: "The tourism field is an important pillar of Ukrainians will, where the number of tourists have reached 1.2 million Ukrainian tourists to Turkey in 2016".

Groysman concluded: "We resemble with Turkey in terms of mentality, and although we speak different languages, but it is countries we understand well."

The Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim has met his Ukrainian counterpart Groysman last Tuesday in the Turkish capital Ankara, where his visit continued two day.